Introducing: One Mighty Noise

London band Twin Jackal don’t waste time in making an impact. A forceful contemporary rock punch that’s both adrenaline-powered and lyrically eloquent, charged with burning blood but steely eyed and purposeful.

The Music

Twin Jackal formed through a love of underground, experimental rock and post-hardcore bands such as Arcane Roots and Marmozets, along with the starrier likes of Biffy Clyro or Million Dead. With the anger of hardcore or metal, the fuzz of stoner rock and always searching for the true emotion of pop or indie rock, they found their own unique sound: a mind-boggling mix of math rock rhythms, unpredictable guitars and soulful vocals sewn together into a fierce wall of sound.

Live. You are the other jackal.

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Same Old People

After summer festival season Twin Jackal are back with a fresh cut single building on the band’s debut EP ‘Optimo Animo’. The music video premiered in October with a string of international press coverage, interviews and live shows.

“The track boasts the propulsive, angular edges of a Biffy Clyro, but with a scuzzy, direct streak running through. Part math-rock, part anthemic brilliance.” – Upset Magazine Video Premiere

Teaming up again with producer Chis Coulter in his riverside haven, the track promises to excite. Optimo Animo caught attention for composition, power and acerbic delivery. Chris further refines the band’s sound taking all the best elements from the EP into a full bodied rock track.

The video was filmed in an underground club in the trendy Shoreditch area of London and offers an insight into the Twin Jackal moniker as much as the song itself. New artwork shows a move away from their debut, analogous original illustrations created by frontman Anthony Chapman.

“A progression in an already powerful sound” – RockZone

Available on Spotify and popular platforms now.

DEBUT EP: Optimo Animo

“Undeniably crafting a sound that harbours flecks of UK rock bigwigs like Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic” – One Stop Record Shop. Twin Jackal’s debut EP ‘Optimo Animo’ glues together the three singles, Humility, Cruel and Make Me Brave with contrasting secret hits Ease Your Reign, a beautiful demonstration of the band’s softer side whilst still maintaining the powerful drive the lead singles offered, and Ink & Mind, a strange journey of math guitar and hard hits through a alt pop vocal chorus and disco sub beats.

Available on Spotify now.

Make Me Brave

Alternative website, Already Heard, released the audio premiere celebrating Twin Jackal as “ones to watch”. Reviewing as “Make Me Brave takes a considered approach with its piano spine giving way to stabbing post-hardcore guitars, while vocalist Anthony Chapman provides a positive message hope.”

The video premiered with Toronto-based Spill Magazine and is available on YouTube.

Popular CA publication New Noise featured the video for Make Me Brave. “The opening guitar of ‘Make Me Brave’ sets the tone for a soul-searching verse, breaking the groove for a moment, to implore the listener to join them in seizing opportunities. Frontman Anthony Chapman’s impassioned delivery of the title line gives the song a desperate energy only released as the anthemic chorus screams to ‘be proud’.”

Alex Baker of Kerrang Radio expressed an early interest in airing the track on his Fresh Blood show, whilst One Stop Record Shop featured the track in their Spotify playlist.

Available on Spotify now.


Premiered on Upset Magazine. ‘Cruel’ is an “acerbic” follow up to ‘Humility’, both produced by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman).

Video premiered wtih New Noise, now available on YouTube.

“A raw and ready soundscape, serving up succinctly punchy vocals along side guitar heavy choruses for listening pleasure.” – Danielle De Wolfe, One Stop Record Shop

“An impressive and full bodied rocker that just gets on with being what it is. Unpretentious and energised.” – Beehive Candy

“I love the raw and dirty guitar” – Ore Biho, Rhino Radio

Available on Spotify now.


“New single ‘Humility’ attempts to bring all this together, with the rhythmic chassis powering forwards with a metallic crunch. Matching mathy, jagged elements to that strident, empowered vocal, ‘Humility’ sparks with energy, a hard-hitting introduction that comes emblazoned with fresh ideas.” – Clash Magazine

Video on YouTube.

“Hear Biffy Clyro emerging like an oil soaked and wild-eyed desperado walking out of a burning building bearing his teeth. The energy, intensity and ingenuity of this track is breath-taking” – Listen With Monger

Available on Spotify now.


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